Professional Consequences of Crimes

Florida requires practitioners in many fields, such as medical professionals, lawyers and teachers, to obtain a professional license. As a lawyer for Police Benevolence Association, Michael has represented countless law enforcement officers accused of crimes. He understands that the criminal accusation is only one facet of the problem and there are multiple collateral consequences to a criminal conviction, such as losing one’s livelihood.

In particularly serious cases, Michael can help an accused individual find high-quality treatment by experienced providers who understand the challenges he or she faces. He can also help you find help with regulatory agencies, employers, and insurance plans as you work to resolve any disciplinary proceeding.

Michael defends professionals accused of crimes, and also helps them navigate through the administrative process to help them try to keep their careers. If your career is on the line, contact Michael to schedule a free in-depth consultation to help with not only the criminal charge, but also to help protect your ability to practice your chosen profession.