The Most Common Criminal Traffic Offenses in Florida

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, about 250,000 people rack up criminal traffic citations in Florida each year. These citations are reserved for those who commit major moving violations like fleeing and eluding as opposed to non-moving violations like a lack of vehicle registration or auto insurance.

Consider calling a criminal traffic offense lawyer in Florida to represent you if you’re ever cited for one of these types of traffic offenses. It may help lessen the criminal traffic ticket consequences you face.

Learn more about the prevailing criminal traffic offenses in Florida below.

What Is the Most Common Criminal Traffic Violation in Florida?

The FLHSMV reports that Florida police ticket more than 60,000 people for not having valid tags on their vehicles every year. They also pull over nearly 40,000 people and charge them with DUI.

But neither of these criminal traffic violations is the prevailing violation of all in Florida. Instead, that distinction belongs to “Driving while license suspended, revoked, canceled, or disqualified.” Police pass out almost 100,000 tickets for this violation annually.

About 700,000 Floridians experience driver’s license suspension each year. At least some of them decide to drive despite not having valid licenses.

A small percentage of people in Florida even decide to drive without a license after being cited for doing it before. A habitual traffic offender (HTO) like this could face felony charges and potentially serve jail time due to their actions.

Is a DUI a Traffic or Criminal Offense in Florida?

Many states come down hard on those drivers found guilty of driving under the influence, or DUI. Few come down on them as hard as Florida.

In Florida, a DUI is a criminal traffic offense and carries serious consequences. A first-time DUI offender in Florida may face penalties like:

  • Up to six months in jail.
  • 50 hours of community service.
  • Up to one year of probation.
  • A $500 to $1,000 fine.
  • Loss of license for at least 180 days.

Since the state is so tough on DUI offenses, hiring a criminal traffic offense lawyer in Florida who has experience handling DUI cases is a smart idea if you’re ever charged with this crime. It may minimize the penalties you’ll face in your case.

What Is Criminal Speeding in Florida?

Not surprisingly, non-criminal speeding-related offenses are some of the prevalent traffic offenses in Florida. Police write out just under 550,000 tickets for speeding in a posted zone.

However, speeding-related offenses can also rise to the level of criminal traffic offenses in certain instances. If you’re caught driving 30 miles per hour over the speed limit, police may charge you with misdemeanor criminal speeding. They can also elevate this charge to a felony if you’re caught driving 50 miles per hour over the speed limit.

What Happens If You’re Cited for a Criminal Traffic Violation?

If you’re given a criminal traffic violation in Florida, you will need to appear in court to answer for your crime. You could face:

  • Monetary fines.
  • License suspension.
  • Points on your driver’s license.
  • Community service.
  • Jail time.

Speak with a qualified criminal traffic offense lawyer in Florida as soon as you can. They can talk to you about your rights and provide you with the proper representation as you aim to fight your case.

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