Professional Consequences of DUI Lawyers

Not only does a DUI conviction result in harsh criminal penalties but it also may result in negative consequences to one’s professional license.  Depending on that individual’s profession, a conviction could result in the licensing body suspending, or even terminating, his or her professional license.

The State requires practitioners in many fields, such as medical professionals, lawyers and teachers, to obtain a professional license.

In Florida, lawyers must report a felony charge to the Florida Bar within 10 days of the filing of the information or the grand jury indictment.

The Bar, in turn, files a “Notice of Determination of Judgment of Guilt”, and immediately suspends the lawyer. Immediately after the Bar files this Notice, the accused lawyer can file a petition to modify or terminate the Bar’s suspension. The Supreme Court of Florida will then appoint a committee to hear any petitions on suspension and decide upon sanctions for the lawyer.

Discipline for a Florida lawyer facing a felony charge may include disbarment, suspension, public reprimand, diversion to practice, probation, and a disciplinary resignation. Although the rules are less punitive for a misdemeanor accusation, the Florida Bar does not look upon any criminal activity favorably, and mandates that it be immediately reported.