Gun Crime Charges Attorney

State Attorneys’ Offices throughout Florida aggressively prosecute firearm charges. Moreover, certain weapons offenses carry harsh prison sentences.  Florida’s 10-20-Life law requires, for instance, a mandatory sentence when a firearm is used during the commission of certain enumerated offenses, such as carjacking or drug trafficking.  The mere presence of a firearm mandates a 10-year minimum sentence.  If the firearm is discharged, this minimum sentence doubles to a 20-year minimum. Finally, if some is shot and killed or injured, the mandatory minimum escalates to 25-years to life. .   

We have experience in a wide array of weapon offense charges, such as:

If you have been arrested for any of these or other weapons-related crimes, or any others, you must speak with a capable criminal defense attorney to protect your rights.  Michael’s consultations are free and confidential.