Professional Consequences of DUI Teachers

Not only does a DUI conviction result in harsh criminal penalties, but it also may result in negative consequences to one’s professional license.  Depending on that individual’s profession, a conviction could result in the licensing body suspending, or even terminating, his or her professional license.

The State requires practitioners in many fields, such as medical professionals, lawyers and teachers, to obtain a professional license.


In Florida, local school districts decide whether a DUI conviction must be reported or not.

A conviction may trigger a disciplinary hearing that could lead to the Department of Education imposing sanctions against the teacher’s Florida Educator Certificate.

If the Department takes disciplinary action against a teacher because of a DUI charge, the teacher may have to appear in front of the Teacher Hearing Panel of the Education Practices Commission, which will decide the outcome of the case.

Districts tend to be more forgiving towards a first DUI offense than they are with subsequent ones.

If you are a teacher in South Florida or the Treasure Coast, and face a DUI charge, contact Michael White for a free in-depth consultation about your case. Not only can he help with the criminal charges, but also with the administrative proceedings to help protect your Certificate.