Building a Strong Defense Against Money Laundering in Florida

Money Laundering in Florida

Have you been charged with money laundering in Florida? A charge does not always equal a conviction. You have the opportunity to defend yourself against these charges with the help of a lawyer specializing in money laundering in Florida.

Several possible defenses may apply to your money laundering case. Your attorney will review all of the evidence in your case and help you build a strong defense. 

Potential Defenses in Money Laundering Cases

Your money laundering defense lawyer in Florida may defend your case in numerous different ways. The defense depends on the circumstances of your case and any possible evidence so your attorney can prove you are not guilty of the charges against you. Here are a few popular defenses in money laundering cases.

You Were Unaware of the Source of the Money

Many money laundering schemes involve money exchanging hands with multiple parties. You may not have been aware that the money involved in your transaction was part of a money laundering scheme. 

For example, if your job is to help people manage their money, and you gain a new client who needs help moving money around, you might not immediately be suspicious that the money came from illegal transactions. If you can prove that you were unaware of the source of the money, there may not be grounds for a guilty verdict.  

You Were Being Threatened

Your money laundering case attorney in Florida may also be able to help you prove that you acted under duress when you helped a person disguise their financial assets. For example, maybe the person at the center of the money laundering scheme threatened to hurt you or your family if you didn’t help them. Or maybe the threat was to take down your company or somehow pin the operation on you. 

Operating under duress is a defense in court. Even if you were aware that you were breaking the law, if you can show that you only did so because you were under duress, you may be able to dismiss your charges. 

You Did Not Conceal Your Actions

Money laundering involves concealment. For your money laundering charges to be legitimate, the prosecutor seeks to prove that you were illegally moving money around and that you were attempting to hide or conceal your actions. 

If you were dealing with transactions openly, this wouldn’t meet the definition of money laundering. An attorney for money laundering charges in Florida can help you show that you were not concealing your actions. 

The Evidence Is Not Sound 

The prosecution can only use evidence against you that was gathered legally. If the attorney can show that law enforcement officers gathered the evidence illegally, you can challenge that evidence and have it dismissed from your case. 

How Will Your Criminal Defense Lawyer Defend You from Money Laundering Charges? 

Pursuing legal representation for money laundering in Florida can help you protect yourself. Your attorney will carefully review all of the details of your case to determine how to defend you. Poking holes in the evidence or the details of the charges could allow your attorney to show that you are not guilty of the charges. 

Attempting to defend yourself in a money laundering case without an attorney could more readily lead to a conviction, landing you with a harsh sentence and a criminal record. Instead, work with an experienced attorney to gather evidence and build a strong defense. Even if you are not completely innocent, as moving money can be fraught with legal gray areas, your attorney may be able to help you change the outcome in your favor. 

Michael White, P.A. Provides Criminal Defense for Money Laundering Charges in Florida

If you’re looking for a South Florida criminal defense for money laundering, Attorney Michael White can help. Call 954.270.0769 today to schedule your consultation with Michael White, an experienced money laundering lawyer in Florida. 

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