Should I Talk to the Police Without a Lawyer Present?

Talk To The Police Without A Lawyer Present

When the police arrest you, you may not be thinking clearly. When the police come to interrogate you, they know this and will use it against you. 

You should never speak to the police without a criminal lawyer. Florida police may try to convince you otherwise, but you want someone on your side before you start answering questions. 

Know Your Rights

While officers may intimidate you, you have the right to stay silent while they are questioning you. 

When you’re not under arrest, you may walk away from a police officer at any time. If you are arrested, the police must inform you of your Miranda rights. 

These are the rights designed to protect you while in police custody. They include your right to remain silent and your right to have an attorney. Even if you begin answering questions without an attorney, you can stop at any time and ask for one. If you cannot afford an attorney, the court will appoint one. 

When you are in police custody, all you have to do is tell them that you’d like to invoke your right to remain silent and that you’d like an attorney. 

Why You Shouldn’t Talk to the Police Without a Lawyer 

While you can legally talk to the police without a lawyer, whatever you say can be used against you. There are numerous risks involved in talking to the police before speaking to your lawyer. 

What You Say Will Be Used Against You

While the interrogation process is likely new to you, it isn’t for the police. They have training to obtain confessions and look for inconsistencies. They have tactics they’ve worked on for years that you may not see coming. When you’re in a vulnerable state, it’s easy to be manipulated or confused into saying something that leads to self-incrimination. In criminal investigations, the best thing to do is stay silent. 

The Police Can Lie, But You Can’t

Not everyone knows that the police can lie during an interrogation, and it’s perfectly legal. For example, they can tell you that a witness already gave them the evidence they need or use false information to trick you.

They can even get you a coffee and use the cup as evidence. On the other hand, if you lie, you can be charged for that crime alone. Talking to an attorney first means you’ll be more prepared to face these challenges.

Silence Can’t Hurt Your Case

Many people worry that remaining silent will make them appear guilty or uncooperative. However, you have your rights for a reason. The police cannot use the fact that you stayed quiet before talking to a lawyer against you. If your case goes to trial, the prosecutor cannot inform the jury that you stayed quiet during questioning. 

How a Criminal Lawyer Can Help

When facing an interrogation, you’ll want someone on your side. A criminal defense attorney has the necessary experience to help you. Legal consultation can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case.

A lawyer will negotiate with the police, provide counsel regarding what you should tell them, and represent you in trial. If your case goes to trial, you want a trustworthy criminal lawyer. Florida juries depend on your lawyer to provide your perspective. 

Before You Talk to the Police, Talk to the Law Office of Michael White

Contact the Law Office of Michael White for a criminal lawyer if you’re facing criminal charges. Florida will provide you with an attorney regardless, but the team at our firm has years of experience and a passion for justice that will help your case. Contact us at 954-787-3092 today.

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