Deferred Prosecution Agreement – Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County – Deferred Prosecution/Pretrial Intervention
The Office of the State Attorney for the 15th Judicial Circuit in Florida (Broward County) offers some defendants accused of committing a misdemeanor a deferred prosecution agreement. This enables an accused to complete certain conditions, such as community service and one’s related to the underlying charge (i.e., drug testing in a drug possession case or a theft course in a theft case), in order for State to dismiss the charges. Eligibility requirements and approval for entry into MDP will be determined at arraignment.

If you have been accused of committing a misdemeanor in Palm Beach County, call Michael White today to schedule a free, in-depth, consultation. He will try to secure a deferred prosecution agreement, and if you are not eligible, fight your case.

The State of Florida regulates felony pretrial intervention. More can be read here.